Passportal Integration

Kurt Woods 7 years ago updated by Michael Lidke 7 years ago 7

We recently purchased and are starting to implement Passportal. One of the reasons that we liked them over the competition was that they had integration with ScreenConnect. However, now that we have started with them we learn that the integration is not currently supported. We would like to have this working as it was a great feature and makes everything much more secure. We hope that Passportal being in the Connectwise "family" will help move this forward.

The integration isn't finished yet, but we're still working on it.

Passportal isn't in the ConnectWise "family", they're a separate company but we have a very good relationship with them.

This intergration would be big, especially for MSP. Being able to auto login to servers via Control would be awesome

This is something that Passportal is working on. I'd suggest speaking with your rep there as you may be able to take part in the testing.

I see you marked this as complete. I installed the extension and although it loads and I can select the company and then the specific credential, the Use Password button doesn't work.

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