Disable "Switch Session Login" feature for select users

Derek-ETS 8 years ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 1 year ago 2

We provide some clients/vendors with remote access to our managed systems via ScreenConnect through the LabTech portal (unattended agents)

On the support side, we are very excited about the ability to switch session login to a different session - however; for clients/vendors we have given remote access to, this is a HUGE problem; we need to be able to restrict this feature by ScreenConnect/LabTech user ~ so when we provide clients/vendors with remote access to their systems, if the system they have access to is an RDS/Terminal Server - they only have access to the console session; NOT other users.

Control 6.9 includes a new permission which will allow this from within Control. In the latest version of the Control plugin in Automate, we added support for this feature for Automate users as well. By default through Automate, no one will be able to switch support sessions once they are on Control 6.9+, however, this feature can be enabled for Automate users by adding the appropriate Plugin Permission to the intended user classes. Note that the Control session permissions do NOT follow standard Automate permissions in that 'Super Admin' and 'Plugin Manager' users do NOT automatically have these permissions, so they an be turned on, or off, for anyone.

Note, that we do not currently provide a way for Remote Workforce users to use this feature as there is not a 'contact permissions' for plugins. Contacts using WCC2 to access their machines through the 'Remote Access' button will only be able to perform specific actions on the sessions that are generally considered ok for average users to do, such as printing in session and transferring files over the session, while we prevent access to features that can cause issues, such as using/managing the toolbox, and now switching login accounts.

If anyone has any questions or requests related to the Automate integration with Control, please use this feature request forum: https://product.connectwise.com/communities/5-automate-enhancements

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