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AD integration for Linux

James Cardwell 7 years ago updated by Myles Hawkins 6 years ago 3

It would be nice if the Linux installation could use Active Directory for authentication. I was told by support that the limitation is mono. It appears that mono has supported this for 6 years now!!!!


What about putting the part of the AD integration into a Windows Guest Client that runs on a machine (running 24x7) inside the AD. The SC server on linux would be able to get/sync the AD information through the guest client.

Even cloud instances could use this way to get AD integration.

They could *also* use mono's Novel based LDAP implementation for AD authentication with a lot less effort than making their own windows client/proxy ..  I've resigned myself to the idea that they aren't doing it because it's simply not a priority for them :(  much to the disappointment of quite a few of us.


Adding my voice here... We chose On-Prem on Linux to avoid the extra cost of windows license. There is all kinds of LDAP support on linux