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Print Screen behavior changed, now unusable.

Tim Braun 7 years ago updated by Kevin G 5 years ago 8


Installed SC 6.1.12292.6236 and now PrtScn and Alt+PrtScn button presses no longer copy the screen to the host clipboard. This is a very drastic change in behavior, and makes it much more difficult to quickly capture images of issues from remote guest machines.

After contacting support about this bug, your agent said the data is now added to the remote guest clipboard instead of the host clipboard. This seems great for a remote worker, but not for the rest of us using SC for client support. I was also displeased by your agent suggesting that we start using third party software to take screen shots. I also think many clients don't want the hosts dumping large screen shots on to their clipboards. The guest vs. host clipboard use should be a configuration option instead of making SC harder to use. Or at the least, copy the screen data to both clipboards instead of degrading the software for so many of your customers.



You may already know this but you easily take a screenshot by clicking the camera icon in the ScreenConnect window, then choose To Clipboard or To File.


Yes, thank you. That feature is full screen only. Most times I just want the active window showing an error message, etc. Also a PITA when the client is dual screen and just need the active window. Adds another step to crop the new image.

This is also about the change in behavior; the loss of functionality. There are any number of options including 3rd party, but all require additional button clicks or mouse clicks, and a change in workflow. Why not simply restore original functionality, or better to improve upon it?! Thanks again.

P.S. Just found another problem with this loss of functionality. All in session error messages presented by SC can no longer be captured this way. And when there is an SC error, the camera button is not available. Any many errors are displayed too quickly to find and open a 3rd party solution. This is like messing with Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V. You just don't mess with the foundational tenets of computing.

Good morning,

Thank you for submitting this information. The 6.1 client was updated in such a way that it now hooks into PrtScn keystrokes and updates the guest's clipboard with image content. At this time, we do not sync the guest image clipboard data with the host's clipboard. As such, I am moving this thread to the Feature Request board for further review.




it would be nice for print screen to have a choice for where you want it to act.


Hi Ben,

I don't think you got my point. This is NOT a new feature request. PrtScn was working well before the upgrade. The Host clipboard was being synced. I was able to capture error messages on the client very easily and quickly. Using basic keystrokes everyone knows. Now it stopped working. SC has LESS functionality now. I am simply asking to have that feature restored to normal, then if you want to make any changes to add functionality, please move forward with that. Please do not try to paint this change with alternate facts.

Thank you mhighsmith. You get my point.


I'm having same issue. When I have "Guest Monitor Blank" and do PrtScrn or Snipping Tool to take a screenshot, the screenshot is of the ScreenConnect logo on the blank Guest screen. I want it to be of what I can see on MY screen, remotely accessing the guest. Not really sure why anybody would want to take a screenshot of what is known to be a blank screen. Work-around is to unblank guest, take screenshot, then RE-blank the guest. Awfully cumbersome. Thank you.

seriously this thread is 2 years old... we upgraded recently and instead of alternative facts i will need alternative remote access methods.

This drives me crazy. I resorted to using VPN and RDP on the systems where I need to use Alt+Print Screen often.

Whatever is on the clipboard of the guest session should also be in the clipboard of the host session. Even if it's not enabled by default an option to override it would be appreciated.