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Easier way to have many sub-session group filters

kurt 7 years ago updated by Emin Arvas 7 years ago 1 1 duplicate

I currently have a massive set of IIF statements to filter 1 group into several sub-groups here is an example:

IIF (GuestMachineName LIKE '*A-*', 'A',IIF (GuestMachineName LIKE '*B-*', 'B',IIF (GuestMachineName LIKE '*C-*', 'C','OTHER')))

This shows a tree like:


-> A

--> A-1

--> A-2

-> B

--> B-1

--> B-2

-> C

--> C-1

--> C-2


--> D-1

--> E-1

Is there an easier way to do this? If not this would be my request

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We must can do make Static Folder and Sub Folder. And copy session's link to folders. 

I don't want to with filters.