Re-enable activeX default client

Christoph Galuschka 7 years ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 1 year ago 3

See also Service Ticket #8755872:

With the change to 6.1, the behavior of screenconnect changed. The default ActiveX-plugin (ClickRunOnce or ClickOnceDirect) gets no longer used, but instead the full fledged client gets downloaded/installed (this requires admin privileges, which our users do NOT have on their computers). To be quite frank, this change makes screenconnect basically not usable to us anymore (not needing admin privileges was on of the reasons we bought this product).

Please revert back to the default behavior from 6.0 and previous versions.


Hi Christoph,

I'm sorry to hear the change is causing issues for you, are you aware that users may choose another option? For example, if the download runs first they may close the window and select (1) 'Try Next Option' or (2) the OS/Browser link after 'SystemProfiles /' below the first option to select another launch/download option (e.g. ClickOnceRun). After the selection, the option will run as the default on the next initiated connection in the same browser.

Hi Kirsten,

thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm aware of that possibility. However, as allready written to Maximilian Paspa (by email) with version 6 our users did not have ti interact in any way to have the client started.

With 6.1, users would suddenly have to interact before being able to start a session. And that would mean reduced usability and additional explanations on how to use the programm for "not everyday" users.

all the best


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