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Store credentials based on machine group

Dan D 7 years ago updated by Phil Karam 4 years ago 4

Who likes typing in passwords 100x a day? Nobody. Let's store our passwords in ScreenConnect BY CLIENT/MACHINE GROUP. Admin passwords are set in Labtech, so it would be handy if we could pass those creds over and have ScreenConnect input them for us. If we could set them in ScreenConnect, that works too. Then we could have a button to send domain admin credentials or whatever to the login screen. This will increase productivity and provide more security because less techs will be typing these out all the time. We already use 2 factor authentication, so this will recover some of that time spent logging in. Let's evolve!


Are you referring to logging into a remote machine? If so, you can use the Manage Credentials options in the Miscellaneous Menu on the client window. If you're referring to logging into the instance, then enabling AllowPasswordAutoComplete in the web.config settings would help.


PLEASE make this a feature!!


We have recently started using the Manage Password feature and it has the potential to be very useful if we are able to capture credentials for entire Session Groups instead of one host at a time. Since each group is affiliated with a different Domain we would only need to capture Domain Admin credentials for each site once. Please let me know if this is a feature we can expect soon. Thank you!


Any update on this?  We would like a way to centrally manage all the stored credentials which will allow rotating of the passwords without having to go into 100+ VMs and do the stored action.  Is there no way to do this with API or something??