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Remote App Support

travis 7 years ago 0

What I am referring to is the ability to limit SC to an application/program

only instead of the whole screen. We call this Remote App.

There are serval reasons why I would like to limit SC to a remote app:

1. Limit what my tech sees to support just a few application vs

allowing my techs to see a client whole desktop (from looking at clients email for example)

2. The ability to remove apps instead of having to take control of the

whole screen

3. Remote app access to a client program

4. Less bandwidth over all when connecting

5. Remote Web support for some application from a iframe

I see this under the Meeting section on my SC already, but this is limited

to who is hosting the Meeting. I would like to have this under my Access

control as well if that makes sense? As an option to limit SC to a

application running on the client side. Maybe have the option on the side to include already running programs and a desktop view by default.