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clipboard image

mwest 7 years ago updated by JamesEN 1 year ago 2

We need to paste images clipped with Windows Snipping tool, taken from the local desktop and pasted remote for example into an email or spreadsheet, or taken on the remote and pasted on the local desktop. While CTRL-C / CTRL-V works with LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, and Teamviewer, it does not seem to be a feature of the ScreenConnect clipboard. Its a critical feature we can't live without. Any chance of adding it anytime soon?

There are also times when you want to screenshot only an area (using tools like GreenShot) or an active window (ALT+PRINT SCREEN). These work in other applications as the clipboard is fully shared regardless of the content - some not as popular have implemented a "get remote clipboard" and "send local clipboard" feature. This would greatly help and could probably be an extension of the CLIPBOARD HELPER extension already available. Thanks in advance - please add this feature.

6 years and no response or review... I am currently trialing this software for our company to use as remote access software and simple features like this not being implemented is really not going to convince us to use it.