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Add a "grab a screenshot" feature

criker 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 1 1 duplicate

I'd like to see the ability to grab a screenshot from the client computer. Ideally:

  • it could be configured to happen with our without end user knowledge.
  • It would transfer the file to my (host) computer.
  • Optionally it could have a date/time stamp.
  • It could capture one or all screens in a dual-screen environment.
  • Bonus points if it could be scheduled.

This would be different from relying on the thumbnail and transferring the thumbnail via the existing work-around of increasing the thumbnail size and using a secondary tool to download the thumbnail. The work-around has some drawbacks, most notably needing to be a global change that increases bandwidth across an installation that occurs (at scale) during thumbnail periodic updates.


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Ideally I'd like this to be no saving the thumbnail image, but instead creating a screenshot of the customer desktop.


  1. To grab a point of reference, either for record keeping on a problem/solution, or to send to another support service (such as, well, SC or LabTech support for example)
  2. Periodically we have customer / owners requesting we 'keep an eye' on a desktop for various reasons, mostly concerns about system misuse. Being able to grab that screen shot without the user knowing would allow us to easily fulfill this request.