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pop up requester for staff to accept.

AdamK 10 months ago updated by Tom Shemon 10 months ago 1

we use Connectwise Screenconnect and need a way to limit tech staff from being able to connect to certain PCs unless the member of staff on the PC we are connecting to allows the connection. we need it to be able to limit this to certain groups of techs or a single tech and specific PCs on our network.

currently when we connect to a PC it just allows us full access. which if we do this accidentally to say an HR member of staffs PC could cause issues over privacy.

This can be done already

Create Roles for users that you want to limit. Put the PC in a different company folder. In the Role click edit select the and uncheck HostSessionWithoutConsent.

When they click to join the PC with get a windows to allow consent to join. Can not join without Consent.

Hope this at least points you in the right direction.