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Under review

Elevate-As-User rather than Temp Admin

keith osborn 11 months ago updated by Peter Fisher 3 months ago 2

Elevate-As-User rather than Temp Admin similar to how AutoElevate does it. 

This way when an application gets elevated, the user's personal folders (Desktop/My Documents/Downloads/ex...) folders that are user specific are of that user, rather than TempAdmin-56af925c

Under review

Teams notification reason field

Jonathan Atlikhani 5 months ago updated 4 months ago 4

The email notification has a field for the reason entered on the UAC prompt by the user, it would be helpful to have a variable for this in the Teams notification.


Hi Jonathan -- if provided, the reason will be visible in the teams notification:

Under review

Ability to unlock screen for user who initiated CAM Session on system.

Bill Passmore 3 weeks ago 0
Under review

Save UNC Credentials

DennisP 3 months ago 0

We often have EXEs from an UNC Path of a Server which is part of an Active Directory. The user itself has rights to access the Path with the EXE, but the created Temp-Admin does not have these rights. It would be nice to save Credentials for a Specific generic Active-Directory User which can be used in the Elevated User Session to gain access to the originally opened file from an UNC-Path. In the actual way the Elevation Prompt is automatically closed but then the user gets directly asked to enter another set of credentials - which should be his own, but they do not get it.

I even tried this article, but the option did not work...


Under review

Teams integration customization

Jonathan Atlikhani 4 months ago 0

We tried the new Teams integration and noticed it now has the justification field but no way to customize it at all. With the previous method of alerting via session trigger, I was able to edit the JSON to remove some info we aren't interested in such as user groups and also added a hyperlink/buttons to scan the certificates and file hashes in VirusTotal -

"https://virustotal.com/gui/file/{GETDATAFIELD(CorrelationEvent.Data, 'CertificateThumbprint'):jsnq}"}}]}},
{{"type":"ActionSet","actions":[{{"type":"Action.OpenUrl","title":"File hash","url":
"https://virustotal.com/gui/file/{GETDATAFIELD(CorrelationEvent.Data, 'FileSha256'):jsnq}"}}]}},

It would be nice if we could customize the new integration option.


Webhooks Alerts

pburgwin 7 months ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 4 months ago 2

Sometimes the alerts can be a bit slow to come through but a webhook to Teams maybe that gives link to the request for approval  

Under review

Set Up Table Audit Report

CindyReid 10 months ago 0

Be able to run a report showing what tables were updated including the date and member. Include filter options on table, date by range and members. Ideal would to also show previous value.


Add temp admin to domain admins group prior to login when the guest is a domain controller.

nengelhardt 10 months ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 10 months ago 2

When the following criteria are met:

  • Performing an administrative logon with CAM
  • The guest is a domain controller

The temp admin account should be added to the domain admins group prior to logon. This would allow some tasks that are restricted to domain admins, such as editing the default domain controllers GPO.

Under review

Add more details to create rules on for CAM

Daniel Wallach 12 months ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 12 months ago 1

I would like to have CAM bring in more details to create rules on, specifically fields like product version and product name. This way we could whitelist in this example publisher=Microsoft, product name=PowerToys*, version > 0.69.1 and it would be safely scoped to only Microsoft powertoys with version greater than 0.69. Currently with the options we have available the closest I can do is to whitelist all Microsoft products with filename of PowerToys* which a clever user could rename any Microsoft application and install. More granularity in the fields to create rules on would help.

Under review

Local saving of CAM rules to reduce delay in UAC prompt approval

DanielW 1 year ago 0

When using CAM for UAC prompt approval the UAC prompt appears for a few seconds before it is approved and the elevation continues.

As I understand it some of the delay is from the agent having to check in online to the screenconnect instance to see if the UAC prompt applies to one of the configured CAM rules. 

Is it possible for the CAM rules to be downloaded to the agent on the machine locally so that the approval process is faster?