elevation request grouping

jtieck 1 year ago updated by Mayfield 1 year ago 3

It would be great if Connectwise auto grouped machines into a folder when they had requested admin elevation. That way we could see who did and approve or deny them much easier than searching for the red dot.

Sorry for the delayed response on this one.  

Today, you can use the session filter 


...to group all unanswered requests.

To manage these messages, create a new Session Group to show only machines that have had a new message within the last 10 minutes (this is configurable). Here's an example of the session filter to keep the unacknowledged event in the session group for 10 minutes after the event was acknowledged:

UnacknowledgedEventCount > 0 OR LastAcknowledgementEventTime > $10MINUTESAGO

If you need more time, $XDAYSAGO is also an option.  

Please let me know how this works out for you.

We're working on an update that we hope will be in released in version 23.1 or 23.2 that will better fulfill this request.  I'll provide updates once timelines are more finalized.