ConnectWise Control 22.5

Mayfield 2 years ago in ScreenConnect updated 2 years ago 4

22.5.7881 (2022-05-16)

22.5.7798 (2022-05-05)

22.5.7643 (2022-04-18)


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Build: 22.5.7881

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

Session sometimes switches to active RDP user after signing out of Windows via Console

Bug Administration Page, UIUX, User Sources

User source dropdown has non-deterministic ordering

Build: 22.5.7798

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

Reboot and reconnect brings the Host into the Backstage session after the machine comes back online

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

Guest client can crash with NullReferenceException in ClientService.GetActualClientSessionID

Bug .NET Client

Windows client file transfers (especially reinstalls) can be interrupted and fail

Bug Authentication, SAML, Security

Create EntityID SAML configuration setting to support AzureAD again

Bug Guest Client, Relay Service, Web Application

Server-issued reinstalls can fail to update client with FileNotFoundException

Bug Host Page

Non-user-readable fields are searchable on host page

Bug Host Page, UIUX

No message at the top of session list saying that sessions are limited to 1000

Bug Licensing, Session Manager Service

License seat buckets are not correctly being refreshed


Build: 22.5.7643

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Backstage

Make backstage console windows scrollable with a buffer

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client, Host Client, Performance

Fix various Windows client rendering bugs

Bug Guest Client, Java, Java Client

Blank screen when connecting to Debian Guest through Access session