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For tools to be controlled properly, it would be essential to have the option server side, to completely disable Personal Toolbox functionality on all connected Host clients, so Support Teams don't run anything they like on Guest machines.


"Unattended Access" feature for Android will be mostly useful in cases where companies will want to deploy it in their android device fleet for remote assistance.

For that to happen the android client will need to be somehow configurable with no user interaction, when it is mass deployed, in MDM/EMM situations

Is it possible to have this Console access also on the ScreenConnect Host application connected to a Guest?

Is changing from "Considering for future release" to "under review" a step forward that will soon be implemented or the opposite?

My company is REALLY waiting for this Feature...


My company is Greatly interested in that feature too, unattended access to Android Samsung tablets (version 5.0 and above) without user interaction