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Control Access to toolbox items in security. or create separate toolboxes and assign per group

mhighsmith 8 years ago updated by Jen B. 1 year ago 11 1 duplicate

would like to have the ability to assign a certain set of tools to different users. A separate toolbox per security groups

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example: out internal MIS support does not need the same tools as our external POS Support.

This is alot like i was asking in creating groups for access to the tools in the toolbox.

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Pending Review
Considering for Future Release

For tools to be controlled properly, it would be essential to have the option server side, to completely disable Personal Toolbox functionality on all connected Host clients, so Support Teams don't run anything they like on Guest machines.

yes a version control would also be nice.

This is concerning from a security stand point for any user with access can store anything in their toolbox and there doesn't seem a way to ensure the tool version is current or even vetted...and not an application that was compromised and never updated.

  • It would also nice to have the ability to set a password to access certain files or folder in the tool box.
  • Also having be ability to either allow or restrict access users to use personal tools box

If this get done, since you will be reworking the tool box, also have different tool box for standard session and backstage session would be great. The tools use in those 2 type of session vary greatly.


I would like the ability to hide the toolbox entirely for users we are selling remote access to.