Unattended access for Android devices

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Partner would like to add Access clients to connect to Android devices.

User Story:

Partner manages a fleet of Android devices, mostly Samsung Galaxy tablets. If he could install Access clients he could connect to these devices without end user assistance.

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My company is Greatly interested in that feature too, unattended access to Android Samsung tablets (version 5.0 and above) without user interaction

Under Review

Is changing from "Considering for future release" to "under review" a step forward that will soon be implemented or the opposite?

My company is REALLY waiting for this Feature...


I agree that this would be a great feature to have.


Hi Manet80,

Unattended access for Android devices should be available within the time frame of 6.1 pre-release and stable, barring any development delays.

that is really good to hear.

m... agree, but must have the option to choose to be unattended or not. There are many ways to use this. Some good, some bad. If it is unattended, it should have a small icon or something to notice someone got remote control.

There are expectations the release version?


The android app must work on all plattforms

?There are expectations the release version?

iOS also.. or does that already exist? +1,000,000

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