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"What's your support ticket number? I'll ask someone to give you call. You can send it directly at"

Hello Mike Bannerman! You posted this 6 month ago. Can you please let us all know how to fix this problem?

There are several open source and free software programs that support the M1 natively. These include Fusion Player, a free virtualization software for macOS; Shotcut, a free, open source, cross-platform video editor; The Unarchiver, an app for opening RAR on Mac; VLC, a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and countless others. I use some of these applications and never spent a dime on them while CWC keeps raising the price every year and we're still waiting all this time. At this point, it looks like they don't even care anymore. Time to go shopping somewhere.

"What is the current agent version of the affected Macs running Ventura?"




"Are you issuing a reinstall command from the host page? (assuming yes here, but want to verify)"


I also completely uninstalled vScreenConnect_22.9.10446.8359 from one Mac that I have in my office, build an installer for v22.10.11109.8417, it installed successfully, but it never showed up on the host page. Screen Recording and Accessibility were enabled under Security & Privacy just to let you know.

I still can connect to all these affected machines but can't update/reinstall the access agent. This is only happening on Mac OS Ventura, on the other Mac OS versions reinstall/update/clean install works just fine.

"When the reinstall command is issued, what happens with the agent? (Does it go offline as though its updating?)"


On the machines running Mac OS Ventura nothing happens. On all the other ones, when I click reinstall it goes offline for a couples of seconds and comes back online fully updated.

I was able to get the Support Agent to work on Mac OS Ventura, but  on a regular base, I need access  to some unattended machines and that's why Access Agent is so important in this situation. I also tried "Install Access" during a Support Session but it didn't work either.

On the latest stable version, Consent to Control doesn't work anymore. I tried on Mac OS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey and Ventura. Intel or M1 it doesn't matter.

It's getting worse. I was able to install it (CWC v22.910231) on Mac OS Ventura 13.0 but than CWC v22.9.10446 came up and MAC OS Ventura 13.0.1. I updated both versions. Now when I click on reinstall in order to go to the latest version of CWC nothing happens. I completely removed the old version, reinstalled the new one but it won't show up on my unattended devices list. I checked everything on Mac OS Ventura 13.0.1 under System Settings/Privacy & Security/Accessibility/Screen Recording to make sure connectwisecontrol-********* is checked.

I can no longer support new clients running the latest version of Mac OS Ventura because CWC thinks there are only Windows users out there. Installation on Mac OS has been a hassle for years and now is completely broken.

Yes. Please. Let's Encrypt!. It's long overdue this feature.