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Essentially this says that ScreenConnect is no longer a production-ready product.

If they did this hosting on Linux would work again. Honestly I think they are trying to push everyone away from self hosting by not improving the product.

Thanks Nick. I was hoping for better news, but crossing my fingers that dev goes the way Caitlin mentioned.

Caitlin, great news, thanks for replying. Why in the world is Connectwise sticking to Mono however when .NET works so well on Linux? Seems like that would be a much better path for the long run and easier to maintain.

But great news on quarterly updates for Linux deployments.

Do you feel that with the November update that a deployment of 2,500 will run smoothly now?

I think it works when you have a small number of clients. We have over 2,000 and it sucks. VERY slow. 

They don't care about linux. I have asked several times as I hate to have to pay for a Windows server for my on prem install. Their answer is use Windows 10, which is not allowed to be used for a server of course.

Running SC on prem on a linux server would save my company so much money. We have 2K hosts and so without .net it just chokes on a linux server.

Until they switch from mono to .NET they will continue to have issues. Even with the latest update they STILL don't support deployments > 1,000 clients. We have 2,000 now and growing.

We have started to migrate to Mesh Central, free and works better than SC.

For guest session starter there are disable or uninstall. No edit settings. Where are you talking about changing that?