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Support for xwayland

TylerF 7 years ago updated by waldek 5 months ago 12

The Client requirements page says that xwayland may not work due to a known bug. This, however, isn't a bug. It's a security feature of wayland, not allowing apps to run wayland backend components as root.

It would be great if the screenconnect client could be made to work with policykit, so that it works under xwayland. Wayland is the current realty of fedora, and the coming reality of RHEL. This will be an increasing need.


Bumping this. It's getting to the point that I'm shopping screenconnect replacements for poor Linux client support. 


Agreed, I believe Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will default to Wayland as well


this is still not working 5 years later.

wayland is the industry standard now, rhel is the only one not shipping it default now because rhel runs 3-5 years behind. Connectwise is broken out of the box on most linux distros


100% agree.  It is ridiculous that this hasn't been addressed. As you said, Wayland isn't even the future anymore, it is the present except for extremely conservative distros.  Ubuntu held back Wayland and defaulted to x.org for nVidia drivers for a long time, but even that now defaults to Wayland.  Support either needs to be added or connectwise should stop advertising Linux support


Yeah it should say legacy linux support. You can edit /etc/gdm3/custom.conf and uncomment WaylandEnable=false to force the machine to use xorg only, but this is a workaround. Screenconnect is broken out of the box for modern linux. 

The technical reason it is broken is because Wayland does not allow root access to the display server, for security reasons. ConnectWise will have to be updated to use polkit and pam, to gain the necessary privileges to the display server instead of just running as root and assuming access to everything like it worked in xorg for the last 25 years.

They did this for Macs already. The display server restricts access until you enable it to escalate properly in the system menu.

It’s just a matter of ConnectWise updating the software to follow the proper escalation channels instead of rooting at everything . And they appear to have no intentions of doing that


Agreed. Please work towards supporting XWayland.

ConnectWise Control is the only reason why we need to force our Linux machines back to X. 


Redhat just updated to RHEL9, which defaults to wayland now. 

Literally every mainline distro uses wayland by default now, and SC is imcompatible with it


Essentially this says that ScreenConnect is no longer a production-ready product.

Exactly, this should addressed as soon as possible.