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I can wait for a more stable build. Do you know approx when 19.4 will be released? (I won't hold you to it)

Looks like it's been announced (updating mono). Is there ANY ETA?

I have over 1,600 clients and the current version of mono maxes the CPU even on very high end servers.

What does this even mean?

I could be wrong but I think if you run Firefox I think direct launch works. It doesn't work in Chrome.

They chose a custom version of Mono that is no longer being supported. that's stupid. Microsoft .NET would be a solution.

It's pretty clear that since they were bought out by Connectwise it's become somewhat 'ghostship' software with little REAL development.

Need to update for many reasons. Why hasn't this been completeted? Should be top priority.

I can't believe this isn't a thing already. This needs to be done.

Trying Alt-F4 and it's not working, are you sure?