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From an implementation point of view I don't see a bug with this but rather a feature request.  If a User has access to control their own groups/roles within an Active Directory then they are basically Administrators within that IdP.

Which IdentityProvider have you integrated into ConnectWise Control for SAML?

@Derick Neel can you describe a bit more about your specific .scapp?  What exactly does it do?


Thanks for reporting this behavior.  The Time Connected property displays for how long the particular client has been connected and in this case it's referring to the Guest client.  With that in mind, I believe that you are seeing intended behavior.  I can understand why you might want to change this, however, so I will move your request over to the Feature Enhancement section.

Please describe what bugs you are seeing with the extension in question. 

I don't disagree with your point, but from our point of view this isn't a bug because everything is working as we intend.  I'm moving this over to the feature request forum for PM to weigh in on the discussion.