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Only three votes after three years? This is never going to happen, is it.

@networkn - There is currently just one vote for this feature. Have you voted?

Other 35 followers, if you want this feature, please up-vote.

I want to confirm that this feature request, if/when implemented, will also allow for a custom app.config at the user level in addition to at the group level? Or should I create a new feature request, or should I decouple the existing per-user request in the duplicates listed on this FR?

If this bolsters the argument for the feature, it would also be useful to have this feature when using a shortcut to directly connect with ("join") a remote computer. Example:

This directly connects to the remote computer having GUID 1dfc2412-3d8e-ec80-2fc9-d09b13005b7c but only after MFA and after clicking Login button after MFA completes. Not having that last step would, well, nice.

Thanks for the quick reply, Mayfield. Odd, I did clear my browser's cookies for the past hour when I was testing but it was only when I explicitly deleted the two for the domain that I got the DUO prompt back.

It's too bad that the application does not automatically respond once I accept the phone's prompt but it's not a big deal. I'm just glad that push works. :)

I am using version 6.3.13446.6374, self-hosted, Linux.

I just set up Duo and I do get a push but accepting it never completes the login; I must always ask my DuoMobile app for a one-time number and enter it into my Control login web page. Is it not possible for the application to complete the login after I accept the Duo push to my phone?

Also, I tried out the "Trust this device" checkbox but even after changing web.config's "TrustDeviceExpireDays" to 0 and restarting the service, I no longer get the Duo prompt from the machine that I originally trusted. Do I have to wait for a day or something before the 0 value kicks in? (According to this forum thread, the default is 30 but setting it to 0 disables it.)