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Automatically log in after successful multi-factor authentication

Craig Silver 6 years ago updated 4 years ago 6

As a user, I want to be automatically logged in after I complete the last step of a mult-factor authentication process so that I have fewer steps and clicks before I am logged in.

Currently, after completing the final MFA step, CWC still sits at the login screen and we have to click the Login button to actually get into the system. It's a relatively small thing but it helps when we have a relatively short login timeout.

If this bolsters the argument for the feature, it would also be useful to have this feature when using a shortcut to directly connect with ("join") a remote computer. Example:


This directly connects to the remote computer having GUID 1dfc2412-3d8e-ec80-2fc9-d09b13005b7c but only after MFA and after clicking Login button after MFA completes. Not having that last step would, well, nice.

Any update on this one, CW?

SIGH!! Any update on this one?

I definitely think this should be implemented. 

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