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Please bring this to CWC ASAP. Example real world scenario: "lock on disconnect" (an important security feature) prevents digital signage display machines from fulfilling their role.

Michael Legato (CW) linked me to this enhancement request.

We just disabled microphone/recording/audio altogether - that feature alone is a security nightmare waiting to happen.

The problem with this feature request is that it would then break upgrades for partners that receive ConnectWise Control licensing through ConnectWise Automate rather than having an actual Access license installed in ConnectWise Control.

We have installed Rosetta 2, ensured all permissions are granted, unblocked the software (third party/unknown developer bit), restarted the computer, reinstalled the agent -- and the ConnectWise Control agent is still instantly crashing. The event logs indicate that it is being relaunched every 10 seconds but crashing with a run duration of 0 seconds and abort code 1.