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We do not want to sunset the tech web interface.... In fact that web piece is awesome so you can access it from any machine you may be near. As a tech that is invaluable being able to work from any pc, and not having to install a client to use it when out in the field. But, When I'm at my home PC, I want the ability to have a stand alone client as well.  As good as the website is, and its fantastic, I still prefer a client because its instant, I'm not having to wait on a web browser to load, Visit the site, Login, and then search. With an client app on your PC, you simply open the app, the credentials are already remembered, and you simply  start searching for the PC you are trying to work on.   

There is no reason a software as good as Connect Wise cannot support both interfaces. :) 

i agree vnc is an older extension but if you use use Intel vpro on your machines, you still need this extension for your network.  This would be a big help in my environment. 

Possibly that link might. Can we schedule a call to discuss possibly? would only take a few minutes.  I think both cases are similar, But I want to better explain and hopefully demonstrate my ideas to you guys and let you take it from there if you like it.  

I Agree with this. My previous vendor did that for us because they didn't have as many features. With all of your features, I can see why everything is not a small icon at the top of the screen. But setting our favorites would be nice.

Would also like to do this  on a per tech basis. Or better yet have a couple of templates for it.  Such as one template/group would see these pinned items as there favorites, and Admin templates might see these.  Then after initial setup, we could change to customize to our own liking.

Also, what is the deal with that grey bar that opens with every session? Can we not disable or hide that? I see no purpose in that other than being in the way.

Yes I Typically search for computers at certain branches by searching IP Addresses. If we could add that to the easily searchable parts of the general tab, that would be great.

To add to this, I also want the ability to stretch the screen when I resize the remote control piece.

Unfortunately not exactly the same thing. But it is very close.  There would have to be a way to determine that the machine was locked. Like allow consent if locked.  I'm not sure that would be an easy thing to determine.

With that policy, it could be my end user would ignore the prompt, and put Internet explorer in front of it for instance and keep working and allow me in when they didn't know I was there. I agree its their fault for ignoring the message, But auditors wouldn't agree. 

Similar, But not exactly. I think after further testing I can better describe it today. Where it makes your product difficult is the fact it keeps as aspect ratio. In my previous solution I could do a stretch to fit my screen.  If I put both of your screens to show on one monitor for instance, its super small in the middle of the screen due to the aspect ratio of the display. My previous solution would stretch the screen to any size I decided to make it and was not locked by the aspect ratio.   I did have the option to click a quick button and jump back to the exact aspect ratio if I stretched it odd. And I used that at times, But  being able to stretch those small screens to full length showing both screens was very awesome.  I would be glad to give support or developers a demonstration of my previous solution so I could better explain this. I know its hard to put into words. 

Screen splitting sounds nice, But my previous solution did it different, and better. I could easily go to screen 1 or screen 2, But I also had the ability to see screen 1 + 2 at the same time. It did cramp it up, But with aspect ratio's I was able to expand that across both of my dual screens and could see easily work with my users dual monitors.  Its tough when you right click on one screen and go to properties, then the properties opens on the other screen then you click an option in that screen and it bounces back to the other screen. Can be very time consuming and tedious work. But if you can see both screens in the same session at the same time, you can drag windows from screen to screen with ease and makes life much easier.  And doing both screens together should be easier than splitting them into two separate Sessions all together.  Should also be easier on resources of network speed and PC Specs.

I agree with this. My previous remote control would let me either keep the aspect ratio or use scroll bars and it made it awesome. I could use aspect ratio, for instance, and drag 6 PC's on one monitor and be able to see the entire screen. Very useful when you are setting up multiple PC's at a time. You could basically setup an assembly line  of installing software on each machine equally without having to switch between screens.