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Seriously, five years have gone by and we're still waiting!
It's been under review for 3 years.

Come along Connectwise, if we were this slow at supporting our clients we would all be out of work!

I completely agree and given this a thumbs up.

We used the Windows "switch user" feature to be able to regain access to workstations or servers without the need for a user to consent us on.
This was incredibly useful for us when running scripts out of hours. We could start the script running and then switch user to be able to regain access to the server and the already open user session to gather the results of the script without needing to go through consent again.

We now need to pay a line manager to work out of hours alongside another engineer so they can override consent for the engineer or re-write the script so it can run without having to log in.
Right now we are able to access our workstations and servers, we can enter the user's credentials but then we get disconnected - waiting for the user to approve consent.

We cannot use the auto timeout feature for consent because that would breach the cybersecurity policies we have set up internally to protect us and our clients.
Thankfully we also use Datto RMM and can use this to bypass consent otherwise I would have to roll back Connectwise Control to 21.3.

Please give this some urgent attention

Please put this request back in front on the Production Management team! It is a feature that would be incredibly useful to have included.