Your comments

m... agree, but must have the option to choose to be unattended or not. There are many ways to use this. Some good, some bad. If it is unattended, it should have a small icon or something to notice someone got remote control.

IDK why, but I have tremendous faith in SC, since it has satisfied all my expectations for a RD software far from the marketplace. Now this IS the issue, the only one so far. You guys are right. SC shouldn't loose the horizon meanwhile is looking for big jumps on market share and etc. In technology, even when everything goes upside-down, left-to-right, they shouldn't loose the horizon that, the richest and deeper impact of a software in the marketplace pass through who use it: IT. What it means is: A software endure thru the years to come, when it holds whoever supports it: IT guys. We need SC supporting small IT (or solo) companies. There is no other type of sustainability (if I'm using right English word). We feed-back SC with all the improvements, error-fixing, smart-features to come, etc, don't forget that huge contribution we give constantly.

I agree that lately, even Desktop PCs are coming with wired and wireless NICs. But it is very weird more than 2. I think it should show whichever are ACTIVE, means that there is not 169.x.x.x. or disconnected, of course. Even shows up 2 ACTIVE (primary & secondary) IPs in a column wouldn't bother SC General Tab at all. However it is, we definitely need it. I really don't bother for IPv6 for now until this get to be a MUST, globally speaking.

Clean or not to clean... that should be an option! xD We are a Corp environment, kind of safe-tish one, so cleaning transfer tools is a waste, since we use it over and over again. YES: from the security standpoint, I rather put some file/size/cheksum/whatever to compare the file still the same and intact (no corrupted or modified-infested).

In a Corp Environment, WAN IP is not needed info for us, but I know it is for others. However, I would keep it and ad LAN IP, that's a must.

This is a great idea! for the reason explained above: to avoid disturbing remote user and do transfer files on the fly. Most of my activity as IT i love to do it on the background, on the console: Commands. It is painful to call remote user's attention (wasting around 10 minutes, or waiting hours) to be able to work on their computers, when we can do thing right away that won't interrupt their jobs (and ours). This is essential.

Doesn't exist any kind of filter command for that, so when you create a Group Session, it filters in that way? It's a good idea. You can even spot Ghost Sessions (duplicated) in this way. I like it.