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This request came up on their forum some time ago when I first got into using SC. There was some mentioned that they had fear of it being used to allow third-party access to use hosted SC installs which their user agreement does not (at least it didn't at the time) allow. However, it was recognized as something for discussion and also a feature I would really like to see.

My need for this is that I am at a university that is decentralized. There are many IT support units on campus and each have their own budgets and such. Due to this, licenses for SC are split cost and one unit might have 5 concurrent sessions licensed where another only buys 1. It is more appropriate to actually limit use to what they buy rather than just hope they never collide.

There is a the specific security feature of requiring "consent". With it being required, the client is prompted with a dialog box to consent to your remote access. Now, with version 6 this changes slightly where it is continued consent (for a period of time, not indefinitely), but there's a separate feature request on here to address that.

They have a wiki page dedicated to the topic here:

Open an application on the clients computer that shows the camera. They likely have a default program to go with their webcam, but if not there's plenty you could get installed. That way you aren't being creepy as they will see the live feed just as you are.

Yes, performance will be less than high quality, but I think it is much more appropriate than a SC feature.