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This is desperately needed.

Related question is - possibly by setting 'MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts' you may be able to help mitigate this.

Still, I strongly believe that SC should support a fail2ban style automatic IP block on multiple failed login attempts. It should be configurable for number of accounts attempted, number of invalid passwords attempted and number of non-existant usernames attempted. This would allow much more effective blockage of brute force attacks while running a very low risk of locking out a legitimate user. A legit user will not likely misspell their own username 5 times - or try 3 different accounts, etc.

Yes - please PLEASE allow this. Right now the mobile UI is a mess and at least this would provide some temporary relief. I also find that the timeline feature was much more sensible when it was horizontal.

Indeed this is annoying behavior and should be fixed.

Definitely important otherwise the SC login page basically open up a potential DoS attack surface when combined with AD.

This is indeed incredibly annoying - please fix!