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Actually - this would be a great feature. Indeed a popup would be a bit intrusive - this should be added the same as other settings like 'blank monitor' on the side panel. Lock windows session on disconnect (on/off). Then you could set the global default in screen connect and it could be overridden on a per session basis. Also - this should be something that is communicated to the client software for that session @ the start of the session and also when it is toggled in session. That way, if you lose connection with the client mid-session - it will still take effect. Having the prompt in there would actually reduce security - as if the session drops - you will not get prompted and the software will not have a chance to react. Finally - by making it a toggle in that panel, it should later easily allow the preference to be set per client machine if other feature requests enabling that ever come to fruition.

Previously this was already available as the "Expand and Minimize Host Page Panels

" extension, but (obviously) that is no longer correctly working under 6.0. This is making the mobile experience especially painful. Please provide an update to the extension!


So supposedly a fix has already been developed. It would have been nice if the code changes had been shared, as likely this is something advanced users could patch manually on their own in the existing install - without having to wait for a whole new product release to have this bug fixed.