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Laughable that the community has to find a workaround to this (thanks asherman34) or even more laughable the official suggestion to use a physical VGA adapter (how out of touch are you guys, ConnectWise?) It's been 7 years since this suggestion was posted, and other remote control vendors have had it out of the gates. The issue isn't even just about resolution, it's just that Control often simply doesn't work at all for it's main purpose (remote control) on headless guests.

These suggestions/workarounds are not enough these days, it's long past time to get with the present and make this feature request a reality.

It is a real shame this is not supported better. Current support leaves a LOT to be desired (CWC's headless support is honestly awful) and Anonymous' previous reply does not provide the functionality or reliability that other remote control softwares support, such as TeamViewer and Bomgar/BeyondTrust. What would be awesome is support for an on-prem "gateway" (for cloud instances or access to networks on-prem CWC can't see) that CWC can use to use actual, direct SSH to connect to using stored credentials or credentials from a users' password vault such as BitWarden or 1Password.