Add SSH/Console access to unattended client for Linux machines with no GUI

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Partner requests to be able to use SC to remote into Linux machines that are console-only.

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This would need to be an interactive termnial to enable the editing of config files

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It seems TeamViewer supports this as of December 2015 (see https://blog.teamviewer.com/remote-access-headless-linux/). Would definitely be great to have in Screen Connect. I work for an MSP with lots of virtual Linux machines that have no GUI installed. Currently in Screen Connect all we can do is run commands but not interact with the CLI.


We manage a lot of cPanel/linux/security appliances etc and would love to have headless/SSH remote access with ScreenConnect

ssh is essential !!

Bomgar also offers this not only Teamviewer. This is an essential missing feature.

Echoing other comments. As an MSP we manage multiple clients with console-only Linux servers. Being able to get a text-only console session through ScreenConnect is essential (as opposed to having to ScreenConnect to a jump-box and PuTTY, or VPN in and PuTTY)

So did this get forgotten about?  two versions after 6.4, no functionality or no mention of this. 

It is a real shame this is not supported better. Current support leaves a LOT to be desired (CWC's headless support is honestly awful) and Anonymous' previous reply does not provide the functionality or reliability that other remote control softwares support, such as TeamViewer and Bomgar/BeyondTrust. What would be awesome is support for an on-prem "gateway" (for cloud instances or access to networks on-prem CWC can't see) that CWC can use to use actual, direct SSH to connect to using stored credentials or credentials from a users' password vault such as BitWarden or 1Password.