OKTA Integration with ScreenConnect (ConnectWise)

Sebastian 7 years ago updated by jeremy awecomm 6 years ago 12

OKTA Integration with ScreenConnect (ConnectWise).

Curretly using OKTA multifactor authentication and would like ability to use it with ScreenConnect.

OKTA Support has offered to open dialogue with ScreenConnect support in facilitating the integration of services.


Hello , we are using Okta for Saml authentication too and the having the integration with Control would be awesome.

Hello ConnectWise...
Any updates here?
The request was submitted 7 months ago....


Hi Sebastian,

At the moment we are working on implementing SAML, and that should take care of your request based on what i'm looking at here. We plan on it being bundled into our 6.5 release. 

Any updates as to when 6.5 will be releasedwith SAML integration for SSO providers like Okta?


Any update on this?  Will 6.5 official include support for OKTA?

Hey guys,

We are aiming to release 6.5 stable, along with documentation on Monday, Feb. 5th. SAML is included, and should support OKTA. If you guys run into any issue while setting it up feel free to reach out :) 

Is 6.5 available yet?  Not seeing it on our portal.  Administration - Status - Version Check still lists 6.4.15787.6556 with Latest Version: N/A; and Latest Eligible Version : N/A.


Hi Sebastian,

6.5 stable was released this past Monday. It takes us some time to auto-upgrade all cloud instances, so you may want to visit the cloud account page and manually upgrade the instances yourself. 

Hi...as per my knowledge they do not allow remote viewing of their devices through a direct

connection. Devices attached to Mac laptop or desktop can display a device's screen on the laptop or desktop. Then of course SC would have indirect access to the device through a session.


Why don't you have a published pre-configured app in Okta? Or a

guide for IdP's like Okta where you cannot import an XML from an SP? We

are not SSO/SAML experts as SSO/SAML is not our core business. Our

options are to either to invest in becoming experts or assume the risk

of guessing.

Are there any plans for additional fields to allow for different access roles within SAML?  Currently the way it seems configured we can either assign all SAML users to a single role or not at all.