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Two-Factor authentication for AuthAnvil

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Partner would like to have two-factor authentication for AuthAnvil

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I would love to see AuthAnvil support! That's what we use for 2fa, and it would be huge if we could connect ScreenConnect to it.

I would love to see Screen Connect support AuthAnvil. That is what we use for all of our 2FA stuff and really love it, along with Screen Connect, the two best products!

Agree with this. I'm kind of surprised Control didn't support it yet since Manage and Automate does. I would love to see this integration so we could use a single 2FA for everything.

I agree, I would love to see ConnectWise Control come in line with the other products and support AuthAnvil. We already use it with Automate and Manage.

Is there an ETA on this feature? It's kind of backwards that I need two factors to log in and pay my utility bill, but I can access all my clients servers with nothing but a password.

That would be pretty nice to have a option for 2FA via Control. Either a native built in feature or intergration would be awesome

Control supports a number of 2FA methods. I definitely would not argue against AuthAnvil but considering they were purchased by Kaseya it seems unlikely (their new cloud product doesn't even work with LabTech)

That is incorrect. We currently use their cloud product with Labtch and Connectwise.

Good to hear. They supported Connectwise out of the gate but not LabTech. That obviously changed in the months since we left them.

One thing is for sure - it would be nice for the Connectwise family of products to support one 2FA product across the entire line.

This is an old one, with requests on the Feature Requests forum from 3 years ago. In that thread there was indication from a couple of years ago that the SC guys were looking into it but nothing ever got added.

AuthAnvil has a simple API that requires only two pieces of configuration: the URI to the service and the SiteID. A simple SOAP call with username and code (PIN plus OTP, entered by the user) returns a true/false value in the SOAP response. There's a PHP example in the documentation.

Can we please get this one implemented? I have an on-prem AuthAnvil server and a number of techs accessing SC from both here and in the field.

I'd like to add my vote for this. We're using AuthAnvil for the other ConnectWise products. I'd like to be able to utilize it for Control as well.

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