Add ability to have canned/pre-set messages for chat

anonymous 8 years ago updated by cps 6 years ago 12

Partner asks that we provide a means of having preset chat messages that they can send to their remote clients.

This would probably be something like the Command Toolbox extension, where users can enter up to X number of preset chat messages.

1. You should then be able to send the preset chat messages from either Host client or from the Host page.
2. Messages should be configurable
2. Messages should paste to the chat window, but allow the host to edit before sending the message

host_client host_page chat
Pending Review

I would love to see this feature. It would save us a lot of time when logging into customer machines.

I would really to see this as a feature in upcoming SC version.

Has this been released? If so, in what version?

It's available on the Extension Marketplace and requires 6.0+

Any chance of getting more than 10 preset?  We were using an add on for Firefox because 10 was not enough and now that add on is no longer compatible with the newest version of Firefox.  We rely heavily on this so any assistance is greatly appreciated!

I just updated the extension so that you can configure up to 20 preset chat messages. You will need to install version 1.2 of the extension on your instance of Control.



This is great functionally but not logistically. There needs to be a way to map these presets to function keys, control key sequences, or some other way to make it quick to access the presets. Having to go to the More menu, select Preset Chat, Select the desire message, Click Insert, and click Send is too many steps to be meaningfully productive.

There is plenty of screen real-estate to put 20 soft buttons on the right side of the chat window, for example, labeled 1 to 20, so the user can simply click the desired preset. I realize this may be beyond what can be done within the confines of an extension, but it would be much more useful.