Merge Start and General tabs

Brendon 7 years ago updated by Peter OTools 6 years ago 14 2 duplicates

Please merge the Start and General Tabs. This could easily be done by placing the screenshot at the bottom of the general tab information. Also, if it's really important to be able to change the Name and Organization like in the Start tab - the same fields in the General tab could be made editable.

Image 138

Look forward to seeing this in the next release.

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Just like in V6.2.  It was useful to see all the info, including screenshot, in one tab.  Even if the thumbnail was smaller as a result


+1 for this. An extra tab switch is not needed

As per the discussion in the Advanced Customisation Forum  (Yes I'm asking you to go to a different tab in your browser to get the information you need!  There's the numb if it - annoying isn't  . . .)  At least allow the client screen preview to be placed in the info tab.


I can see how the current system works when administering from my mobile phone - screen real-estate being a premium, so I suggest the option of allowing the screen preview to be displayed on both tabs if required. Or even the the ability to do away with the Start tab all together in the desktop environ.


This definitely needs to be reverted to the old single tab view. I find it unnecessary to be able to edit the fields at the top when we can already do that by right-click > edit. It is rare to edit those fields anyway - they don't need a permanent position in my opinion. Info and screenshot on one tab please.


This is really frustrating! This worked for a LONG time and this was broke in Aug with an update.  I keep thinking we will get use to the difference, but we are not.  This change is a HUGE step back in the UI.  It slows down our support by adding extraneous mouse clicks on nearly every session.  Please, at the very least, make this a configurable option to go back as it was.


+10 need me too , more click more time to view fast info


It wouldn't be a big deal if it were a small IT department, but when it's a managed service provider pushing out updates (as an example), one needs to view a snapshot of the screen (a refreshed ones) for many dozens of computers in a short time span.  It really adds up the time to do so when you have to switch back and forth between the tabs.  Sometimes one needs info that's present in both these tabs.  

An option to move the screenshot, at least, would be nice (rather than have it imposed on people with the new way, even though I do see the advantage of having it there).



A good first step, thank you. Now we just need an option to either hide the Start tab or set the default to General :)


I'll be glad to see this as builtin. Please DON'T FORGET LAN IP (besides WAN IP), that will be the cherry on the top. xD