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1password Integration

Keenan Wurth 7 years ago updated by Max Mayell 1 year ago 8 1 duplicate

We have 10,000 Access agents and several accounts with different techs in each and would love to see integration with 1Password to help manage the use of passwords. Would love to see something with 1Password that would allow remote techs to copy centrally managed Windows Credentials from a 1Password Vault into a session with out having access to the credentials.

It would be even better if which credentials were available was based on Session Group's but this would just be a bonus as long as the remote techs could not reveal credentials in any way

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Passportal has a pretty good integration, and while I'm sure you aren't looking to change password management I mention it because passportal had to write their own integration as a screenconnect extension. The situation will likely be the same here so I would suggest asking 1password for integration to screenconnect.

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Hi Keenan, thanks for reaching out. I got in touch with the 1Password product team yesterday - I'll keep you all posted if it looks like we can do an integration. 


Any update on this 4 years later?
we currently use another password management system, and are exploring our options to move to another system, and having ConnectWise Control/ScreenConnect Integration would definitely tilt the balance to 1Password.

I would like to see this as well. 

5 years later......I am getting old 

Passportal is an alternative https://documentation.n-able.com/passportal/userguide/Content/rmm-integ/con-auto6.htm

1Password would be better and more secure though