Considering for Future Release

See the the client list on sort on Idle Time

Remco van den Noort 7 years ago updated by ToddG 2 years ago 14

I like to see the client list on sort on Idle Time

Considering for Future Release

Would also be nice to generate a report and/or search based on "idle longer than XXX days".  Would make it easier to delete retired machines.

I would want to report on Total Idle time over 30 days.  If you can sum over 30 days, then you can see if a client is turned on but not getting utilized by any user.

Hi Charles / Miko, 

Could you both provide additional use cases for a report of machine's being idle?  There are a lot of session events that could make the machine not appear idle in Control. We have a lot of data points to put together a report, we'd just like to get more information about your use cases to create the best reports for you. For example, are you trying to filter on idle time of the user, or idle time of the computer? The idle time we display in the general tab on the host page is the user's idle time. 



I'm looking for user idle time.  

If a PC is turned on but never used then the idle time per day would be 1,440 minutes.  If I can have a report that sums this over 30 days, I would be looking for PCs with 43,200 minutes of idle time or close to it.  This tells me the PC is just not getting used.  I know I can already view PCs not checking in, but this relies on the PC not being turned on.  We have situations where PCs are powered on but no one logs in or they may log in and check email once a week.  This is what I'm looking for, underutilized PCs.

There is another feature request I replied to yesterday that is very close to this same request.  That user who created it is looking for the same feature as well.


Hi there

For me, it's to remove old clients that have been decommissioned, so they are actually offline, but would say idle for 300 days, for example (as opposed to a computer that's merely turned-off for the day, which would have a shorter 'idle' period indicated).  Some of these would also not say 'idle', but guest last connected 300 days ago.  Both of these functionalities would be useful to search-for, to help with cleanup.


Considering for Future Release

Please add this feature. We would like to get reporting on how often PC's are being utilized. 

Hi All, 

You can create a session group to sort machines of a certain idle time, either from a specific date range or in the last X number of days: 

GuestLastActivityTime = '1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM'


GuestLastActivityTime > $XDAYSAGO

To create a report on idle time, you can download the Report Manager extension from the extension marketplace. From that extension you can create reports on SessionGuestLastActivityTimeYear...Month...Day...Hour...or a Specific Date.



Awesome! Can we also add a filter so that idle time is only tracked from 8:30AM until 5PM (Business hours) or an exception so that idle time is not tracked from 5PM-8:30AM? 

Afraid that would be a feature request still!


Many or our clients are asking for productivity reporting i.e., users are working remote and they want to know how much time out of a day their users are on their computers. 

1. What time was the compouter turned on / off - Daily

2. How much idle time - Daily