Considering for Future Release

VPN network adapter

arktexSC 7 years ago updated by Brian Cancienne 4 months ago 12

Add the ability to install a VPN adapter like a similar mainstream product does.

I wish we had this as well, almost a deal breaker to not have on the fly VPN access to the systems.

We're working on ways to connect to the computer without visible remote desktop control. Look for this functionality in an upcoming release!

Any updates? We are looking forward to this release.

The ability to use VPN to the network would be a great asset for us as a MSP.

I come with good news!

This feature I mentioned earlier is nearly complete. However, as you can see, this is not strictly a VPN tool. We posted a preview of it in a recent blog post. Take a look and let us know your thoughts!


This looks like a great feature, however I don't believe it will fill the needs that my company is looking for. We have software on our laptops that we want to run and connect to the remote host via VPN. Hopefully, the VPN solution is still in the works and will be rolled out in the near future as I believe the others who has posted here are also looking forward to using an on-demand VPN connect.

Even if you couldn't create a true VPN maybe they could open a single port to preform RDP, SSH, etc.. 

Considering for Future Release

Any updates to this feature? Even allows a single port for HTTPS/HTTP/RDP/SSH would be better than nothing.

Maybe look into doing some kind of reverse proxy tunnel?

This is becoming a larger issue for our organization and we need a solution that other companies offer.

Any updates on this feature, please?

This would be a great feature!  Every time you guys ask me to renew my software maintenance, I will continue to voice my opinion of how useful this feature would be for our organization.  And after this last Auth Bypass breach (near catastrophic), I am loosing my patience...