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check that session codes are unique

John Feeney-Howells 7 years ago updated by Brian Bradford 6 years ago 3

When a new support session is created from the ScreenConnect web UI, it auto-generates a random four number session code for the client to connect, however at present no checking is done to see if the newly created session code is unique across all existing sessions. If the session code already exist the customer is connected to the existing session rather than the new session. This is extremely confusing as there is no way to determine which session the customer has connected to and indeed why they have not connected to the session you have just created for them! In my opinion this is a bug however when I reported it as such I was told this was by design - very poor design in my humble opinion!

Under Review

Hi John,

Previously, the chances of getting the same code were 1 in 10,000. We moved to a 5 digit numeric session code in 6.5, and now the probability is 1 in 100,000. 


We are on the current version using the 5 digit codes and we just had two codes come up the same causing the customer to join the wrong session.  A unique check should be created as a 1 in 100,000 chance is still a chance, and we hit it.

Hello Kirsten,

With respect, whilst using 5 digits reduces the possibility of a clash it is still just a kludge!... rather than doing it properly and checking against existing sessions!

Our licence only allows us to run 6.3 and we can't afford to upgrade especially as it does all we need.

We neatly circumvent the issue by always appending a letter to the code after the client has connected!