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change color of the "controlled by" banner

stefan pirhofer 6 years ago updated by KevinR&R 1 week ago 6

Partners asking for the possibility to change the color of the controlled by banner to a "more eye catching" color.

It's a bit strange you can customize the Control chat and support client window colors, but not that banner color. And would also like it to be more noticeable. Possibly even a border when screen sharing, like most other screen sharing apps.

I have had far too many clients NOT know that I have connected.

They don't see the dark grey with light grey text at the top of their screen.

If there was a bright blue bar with solid white text, that would be noticeable.

Please make this happen!

Just revisiting this issue because I simply cannot understand how - and why - the banner information is so clearly obvious on a Mac:

Image 1234

And so clearly hidden on a Windows device:

Image 1235

Could someone PLEASE made the necessary coding changes to effect a highly visible connected session?

+1 for this

Clients have no idea you're connected and it's difficult to wrestle for the mouse/keyboard and open the chat window where you've been trying to get their attention

Another +1 for this. 

Considering all the other customizations you can do this should be available too.