resize columns in admin portal

Josh Holmes 6 years ago updated by OnSiteServices 6 years ago 15 2 duplicates

It would be nice if you could resize the width of the columns in the admin portal. Kinda like this:

Image 223

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On the Host Access page, there currently is no way (under the default theme w/o any skin extension installed) to change the widths of the columns.

Under Administration page, Appearance...

Visual Theme

It would be helpful to have a toggle of "standard" or "flexible" column widths

Currently, there is an extension for this - it's version 1.0, (has been updated by t2service Modified 7/9/2017)

NOTE: But it does NOT work with build ScreenConnect_6.3.13446.6374_Release (as of 09/14/2017)

Resizing UI elements in general has been requested a number of times.  Last I read was "maybe in 6.5".

To expand on this request, column width should be user controlled.  And not just the columns Josh has shown.  Within the main (middle) panel, the width of the items should also be adjustable.  I've got a display 2560 pixels wide, at 100% font size (not scaled up) and I can only get about 30 characters of an access session's name because the green/grey bars chew up so much space.

I get it that this is very tablet-friendly, but all the fixed-width elements working on percentage of screen width really reduces usability.


I'd just like to offer that the improvement in 6.9 is a great start.  Now if the green connection status bars didn't scale to take 50% of the horizontal screen space, that'd be great.

We deliberately name our unattended clients including the computer name, model, serial number, and sometimes other details so that we can copy & paste that single line into our ticketing system.  That horizontal description is very handy but the massive (and scaling) amount of space the status bars take up is unfortunate.  Really, there's no reason why the information portion of the centre column doesn't scale while the "I'm a green bar" part does.  It's exactly backwards... more green doesn't mean anything.

Thank you for your consideration on how to complete the resizing project.

Okay, well, that sounds like "no".  I guess I'll just have to upgrade to 4k displays so I can have a thousand of or pixels of actual information displayed.