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Shaya 8 years ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 7 months ago 3

Tried to install the Android APK on my BlackBerry device, it works untill connecting to partner computer then it crashes, so if can optimise the android APK to work for BlackBerry, or design a BlackBerry 10 App, i would appriciate it


It does work with Blackberry 10(.3) on classic or passport. Install apk, then let it crash one time.

After this, launch your SC URL in the Native Blackberry Browser, login, click to connect, your browser will launch the app and will not crash.

So it it usable with a litte workaround.

I already submitted this to the SC support people a long time ago, but they seemed not very interested.

i know from this work around, but its very hard to work this way! besides that when i have to get the to the bottom of computer from the guest its very hard, cause it doesnt go down so much, team viewer is much better in this aspect

just hope the SC team will get it working

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