integration with ServiceDesk Plus

behi 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 1

The integration of  ServiceDesk Plus with ConnectWise helps partners to automatically and periodically update configuration information in ConnectWise, thereby eliminating the need for manual entry. If the partner wishes to monitor the end systems, the integration converts monitoring alerts into service requests so that the partner can continue to use the ConnectWise operating system to perform day-to-day service management functions.

"Automation is the key to success for managed services business and the MSP Center Lite/ConnectWise integration helps MSPs overcome the cumbersome task of manually having to raise a ticket in help desk software whenever an alarm is raised in the IT management software and clearing the alarm when the ticket is closed," said Dev Anand, Product Manager at ManageEngine. "By seamlessly integrating the disparate systems, we help MSPs overcome these hurdles for a richer and better remote systems management experience.