Add an option to specify a specific logon session when opening a session to servers/computers with multiple users

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Example: Say you have a server that multiple users remote into. Currently you can assist them by opening an access session to the server, and then changing the logon session from the [serveradmin account] RDP session to the [user that needs help] rdp session. What I'm suggesting (especially as I can see direct benefit at least in my own environment) is to have an option for access sessions to open directly to a specific logon session. IE, rather than having one of my techs open an access session, then select a logon session, instead have them see multiple access sessions for each user, which automatically opens into that user's logon session.

This would be helpful for a variety of connectwise environments:

-It would be useful for those who charge clients a monthly fee based on how many users they support. It's easy to track supporting X number of users when you have X number of computers with access agents installed, but can be difficult if you have an unknown number of users that remote into a central server. If you were able to create access session groups based on user logon sessions, it would be easier to track active users. Because it's one thing to see that logon sessions on the server exist for whatever number of users, but it's another to be able to see things like 'this access session for User7's server session hasn't been logged into by a tech in months'

-It would be useful for those who assign specific users to specific Technicians (EG, companies that have tech1 assist users1-30, tech2 assist users 30-60, etc), as you could just give each tech permissions to the sessions for each user's logon session, instead of the entire server.

-It would be useful in helping stay organized with companies/clients that have large RDS environments, where you may have 30-40 users remoted into a given server. Instead of needing to go through a massive dropdown from the screenconnect client, you could leverage filters and groups through the web portal.

Those are just the examples that spring to mind right away, in addition to my own admittedly niche needs, just to demonstrate that a lot of people could benefit from this feature. 

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Would definitely like to be able to choose a user session rather than the console session that we seem to be only able to do now (connect to console session only).

Pending Review
Pending Review

That would be a great feature. Not sure if possible, but if so - I could definitely see the use cases!

I definitely agree. Without this option, accessing Citrix servers connects to a random user's session. We need the option of choosing which session to join.

any update on this?


We are currently reviewing this issue and have it scheduled for Q2.

This issue and several other requests on this forum are related to the issue of LabTech using a single shared user account. Could resolve several by integrating LabTech logins the same as Active Directory logins (ideally letting SC user permissions be set by LabTech user permissions)

Also need a breakdown of what permissions are set on the host user side, and what permissions are set on the agent/device side

Considering for Future Release
Considering for Future Release

Also please allow the CONSENT pop-up to work for user sessions but bypassed for the Console session.

I just contacted support to ask how to do this.    Would be greatly beneficial for server admins.    We can do it with RDP but that is what we are trying to