client side logging

Ryan 8 years ago updated by Katarina 5 years ago 17 2 duplicates

add a de-bugging mode to the client to capture connection information and the last error messages that appear on the client side when activated.

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I would personally like the client to be able to keep at least a minimum log with the Status information from the most recent failure to connect attempt with a time stamp that persists after a successful connection. Being able to further configure this, or have a 'debugging mode' type of thing that would increase these capabilities to include logging over time, session activity trace, etc, would be nice as well.

I'd also like to capture a log on the client side, but for a different reason - if the client wants to audit when the last time we were conencted, I'd like them to have the visibility without me needing to search for it on the server side.

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They confirmed me via chat few moments ago, they added this solution already, working on it, this is wonderful !. Specially to get error registered for follow up. I have some session that get service stopped at the remote pc without no apparent reason (normally Win 10) even with pc up&running and internet ok, no standby/hibernation (I assure to disable those always). Excelent !