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Add a way to set a default zoom level.

hmoore 6 years ago updated by Jan 1 month ago 7 1 duplicate

I would like a way to set a default zoom level, particularly to 100%. Every day the zoom is automatically set to higher, we have to change it to 100%. It would be nice to have the functionality to set a default, as you can with screen quality.

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Considering for Future Release

I would really like this option as well...maybe even to add some more advanced logic on the side initiating the control where you can set different zoom levels based upon the resolution of the guest client machine you are accessing.
In a simplified....
   If resolution <= x, set zoom to a
   If resolution >=y, set zoom to b
   else, set zoom to c

I would like this option as well.  100% cuts off part of my distant screen and 75% shows a much smaller depiction of my distant screen so the ability to set a customized % would be beneficial and I would like to request this update or feature as soon as possible.  The whole reason I switched to ConnectWise over LogMeIn is that your product is better and provides a better rendering of the distant computer screen.  This would be a great update/feature.

As of the latest update the zoom level seems to save between sessions, it would be really nice to be able to have it not save and be 100% every time.

Keeping Zoom at 100% would be a huge productivity gain. I spend my life resetting that. 

Sill no way to do this?

Resurrecting this one. Please add this function.