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Improve app controls

Zanthexter 6 years ago updated by lbelue 5 years ago 1

The "micro mouse" used for control in the app is an ongoing daily frustration. Every single time. Multiple times a day. 

The scroll wheel in particular is really horrible. It scrolls things when I don't want it to. It doesn't scroll when I do. It's damn phone. Who the heck thought a super tiny mouse was an appropriate way to do remote control?

Please take a look at Splashtop. They do it "right". They have a mouse mode that works better than CWC. Better, they have a touch pad mode that works quite well. Which is probably why most laptop manufacturer's use it.

Please please please fix the CWC mobile experience. 


I agree with Zanthexter. Splashtop is much more useful than CWC on a mobile device. In fact, I have stopped using CWC when I have to do more than a quick check on a remote device. Splashtop has:

1. Ability to respond to touchscreen, whereas CWC only moves the mouse to the screen location that was tapped, and then I have to tap a mouse button to make anything happen.

2. Ability to implement right-click with a long tap

3. Seamlessly switch between mouse and keyboard, where CWC require a mouse action to get to a screen location, and then, a tap on the keyboard icon to activate the keyboard. Think about this. If I have to tap a text box and enter data, I must either drag the mouse to text box and tap, or tap the text box and then tap the left mouse button after it moves to the text box. I then have to tap the keyboard icon to actually enter data. With Splash, I imply tap the text box and begin typing.

4. Ability to use computer function keys, a Start button, and customized key combinations.

CWC is superior to Splashtop in many ways, but mobile device usage is not one of them. You are seriously very far behind current mobile technology and are behind other applications when it comes to mobile platform useability.