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Command Quit occurs for both remote session and also ScreenConnect App

Kent 8 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 6 years ago 15

When you are connected to a remote client and type 'Command + Q' to quit the app they are in - it quit's the app :) but, it also quits the ScreenConnect App as well.

Can we change the "'File Menu → Quit command + Q" for the Screen Connect App - so that when you are controlling a remote client (who is also on Mac, though not important), there's no Command + Q option (or, change it to command + shift + Q option).


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I find that most Command and Option shortcuts do not work properly on the remote client.

Command Q quits the screen connect session - not the app running on the remote client.

Command Shift Q starts a log out of your own computer - not the remote client.

Sometimes Command Shift A opens the Application folder on the remote computer - sometimes not.

Sometimes Command Delete moves a file to the trash of the remote computer - sometimes not.

This can be changed via the Keyboard System Preference. You can remap it to something like Command-Option-Q


Hi Josh,

Thanks - I hadn't thought of doing that (And I should have, as I use that for other programs, so know it exists).

But, I still think it would be good if Screen Connect did this out of the box (or at least had a easy preference to do this) so I could apply it for all my staff in one go - rather than having to set it up individually.

With Apple's Remote Desktop - It's set to command + Q, but as soon as you are controlling a remote computer - it's blanked out all the keyboard shortcuts - so they get sent to the remote computer.




21 years of Mac Support and my hand rests on command+w or command+q. It's 100% muscle memory, I logged out of the same session 3 times while working on one machine. I open and close a lot of apps during sessions and using anything other than command+q is an annoyance.

When I'm controlling another computer I "need" command+q to quit the application on the remote Mac and not my session.

I don't want any custom commands (option or shift).

When I'm controlling another computer I don't want my session app to quit so there's no reason for command+q to be active for the ControlWise app when I'm in a session.

Thank You

The solution is to map the Command Option Q FOR SCREENCONNECT only. Not for the apps that you will be controlling on the remote computer. I don't give a fig if I have to use a special key sequence to quit Screen Connect. As long as when I quit a remote app I don't kick myself out of Screen Connect. The keyboard mapping solution works GREAT for me.

Issue still remains, and my quick work around for now is to use the Screen Connect app. In there you can send keyboard commands, just select the "WIN" then Q to, and it will quit whatever app is running and not your phone.

Not a quick or easy work around, but since the "Windows" key maps cleanly to the client machine "Command" key it seems to be the easiest way right now.

Totally on board that once in a session, command keys should route to that session and not the host machine.

I end up using a bunch of different computers to connect with the Mac ConnectWise Client.  While I've got my keyboard mapped on my main laptop, still having the default not be Command-Q would be fantastic as it eliminates this Quit issue on other machines I use.  This feature would be a huge help...muscle memory is stronger than you'd believe, especially as other shortcuts do seem to work well.

Considering for Future Release
Considering for Future Release

Just started using the trial version but definitely the Command+Q & Command+H quitting & hiding the app itself is a HUGE negative.  I agree with TheMacJedi comment above, muscle memory plays a huge part when you've been a long time Mac user, I'm also going on 20+ years on a mac.  Not having this feature out of the gate has us at a no right now for purchasing :(

I've also seen now how the Mac Keyboard system preference workaround (where I manually set a preference to use Option-Command-Q as the Quit option for the ScreenConnect Client app...this breaks whenever the client is updated.  

So as I moved to version 6.5 and now version 6.6, the Mac sees this as a new app and no longer uses the shortcut anymore until I reset the preference.

I've noticed other apps, for example the Parallels Client I use for RDP as well as their app server connections, has Command-Q set as the default for Quit in the menu but when you are in an open session with another host controlling another machine, Command-Q doesn't quit the app...the command is instead passed on to the remote computer correctly.  So this functions as you would expect when using a remote session, regardless of what the menu says.

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